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Leadership School: Congratulations to the Class of 2022!

We are so happy and proud of the class of 2022 who have recently graduated from our Leadership School this past month. Make the Road Connecticut hosted their first class with 27 leaders from our community where they learned about popular and political education as well as learned different skills that will help them with their personal development.

On their last day, they received their certificates and shared their experiences with the community!

Minerva Antigua, MRCT Member Leader - “We must continue to learn more and more to continue helping our community”.

Teresa, MRCT Member Leader - “The class was very interesting. Learning about those who are in charge of the government, really empowers us more when it comes to starting a campaign. Congratulations to all of us who want to learn and keep fighting. Thanks to the teachers for being our guides, and for teaching us to keep fighting. Greetings and blessings!".

Xiomara Fugon, MRCT Member Leader - “Thank you very much because everything we are learning is very helpful in everyday life”.

The Make the Road Family is very proud of all of our active members and leaders!

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