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Madres Guerreras Launches Language Equity Campaign in Hartford

On Monday morning a group of two dozen parents rallied outside the Welcome Center of Hartford Public Schools to launch their campaign to demand improved language equity for non-English speaking parents. Members of our Hartford Parent Committee, Madres Guerreras, found in talking with parents throughout the city that when they called schools, secretaries and other office staff did not speak Spanish and could not direct them to someone they could talk to, educational sessions for parents were not offered in Spanish, meaning parents were missing key information, and when interpreters were provided, parents did not feel interpreters were properly trained. In response to these concerns, Madres Guerreras put together a list of demands, changes they want to see happen, that they made public at the campaign launch. You can find that list of demands here in English or in Spanish. Our parent leaders will be working hard over the next several months to build relationships, build power, and work with the Hartford Public School System to meet the demands they presented. See below for photos from our action on Monday:

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