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Make the Road Volunteers


Make the Road Connecticut works to support immigrants to be active in their communities and to lift themselves out of poverty through legal and support services, civic engagement, transformative education and policy innovation.

Major Initiatives

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Ensure that immigrant families can live with dignity and justice by working for policy change to protect immigrant families on a local, statewide and federal level, providing Know Your Rights trainings, and supporting and defending individual community members facing detention or deportation 

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We build the leadership of immigrant parents in Bridgeport and Hartford and push for policies that ensure immigrant students are getting a quality education and that school and city officials are responsive to families’ needs

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Organizing tenants to know their rights, build community power and fight back against unjust evictions and unsafe housing conditions

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Fighting for access to equitable and quality healthcare for black and brown immigrant community members in Bridgeport and Hartford and expanding access to Husky Health Insurance across the state.

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We build youth leadership and push for changes to the school system and city that allow youth to feel safe and have access to the resources that they need.

Specific Campaigns

A fight for better schedules for Connecticut workers

A better education system in Bridgeport CT driven by parents voices

Immigrant justice through advocacy for a better immigration system that provides a real pathway for citizenship for all.

Coalition building efforts to support an equitable solution to the Puerto Rico crisis

Youth-led change in our education system

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